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What happens to our old carpet?

September 26, 2019 | Frequently Asked Questions | No Comments


Customers often ask us what we do with all of the old carpet we take away from there properties. In the past, we will admit, that majority of it was sent to landfill.
We don’t believe in double dipping in order to earn a buck- that is, we will not re-sell second hand carpet for a profit. EVER.

If your old carpet is in a re-sellable condition, we will happily roll it up in room sizes for you if you would like to re-sell it yourself.

In an effort to minimise our environmental impact, we have started the following initiatives in our local area:

Carpet for Life:

We have actually created a hidden page on our site where wildlife carers, animal rescues, vets and council run pounds can place orders for good-condition second hand carpets and offcuts to be delivered to their doors. These pieces of carpet are used to line animal enclosures, pet carriers, create scratching posts and bedding, as well as much more. This idea has been helped by Keely from Kitten Rescue Melbourne.

To date we have nearly 30 rescues, carers and shelters that benefit from this, with a list to be published on our site in the near future.

Bulls-eye Target Practice:

Did you know that used carpet makes amazing targets for archery? Neither did we until we were contacted by a Yarra Valley resident! It turns out targets made out of carpet have greater arrow-stopping potential, whilst causing less damage to the arrows. This gentleman picks up a trailer of old carpet every few months to turn into targets for his local archery club.

Happy Joeys (the name is a work in progress)

Local scout and sports halls LOVE receiving carpet off-cut donations. Whenever possible, we try to pre-cut the carpet into 600×600 squares so that these organisations can use them as mats for their children to sit on. We have even begun re-using foam underlay as a base layer for these mats for added comfort and insulation against the cold, hardwood floors generally found in these halls.

We strongly believe that as a business, and as people, we must do whatever we can to help preserve our environment for future generations. While there is no real way for me to measure the environmental impact these initiatives have, we can measure the good it does for our local community.

If any of the above is something that may benefit you, or your club, please get in touch here today. Alternatively, if you can think of anyone else who may benefit from old carpet, please let us know below!

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about author

Gabriella Byrne

Gabriella is the Sales Manager, Customer Liaison, Administration expert and downright super-woman at East Coast Carpets. Before joining the team full-time, Gabriella had to listen to Martin blabber on about all things carpet for the 6 years they dated prior to tying the knot, creating the knowledge bank she uses to ensure the carpet you choose is a perfect fit for your home and lifestyle.

Gabriella and Martin also have 3 kids that they adore, so if you ever hear a screaming toddler in the background whilst on the phone, know that East Coast Carpets is truely a family business.

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