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That new carpet feeling!

February 13, 2020


February is the month of love and with Valentine’s Day around the corner, I thought I would share what we LOVE (and frankly, what we don’t) about the most common carpet fibre types. So in true Valentine's Day fashion, please welcome our lovely Bachelors and Bachelorettes! Bachelorettes #1&2 are twin fibres everyone loves to hate…


In the weeks leading up to, and immediately following Christmas, we are often inundated with requests for carpet repairs.  The calls usually go one of two ways: “Hi, we have people coming to stay for the holidays and would like to have our carpets looked at as our cat/dog has damaged it in some areas”…

What happens to our old carpet?

September 26, 2019


Customers often ask us what we do with all of the old carpet we take away from there properties. In the past, we will admit, that majority of it was sent to landfill. We don't believe in double dipping in order to earn a buck- that is, we will not re-sell second hand carpet for…