Carpet in Parkdale


Have you been thinking about replacing your carpets, but have no idea where to start?

We know the process can be quite daunting, even for seasoned renovators! 

Here are a few questions you should ask a carpet retailer (and why!), to make the process as easy as possible:


“What style of carpet would you recommend for me/my family?”

It never ceases to amaze me how many customers I see that are adamant that they want a particular style of carpet, but when asked why say “because it’s what my parents always had.” Carpet types and styles have rapidly evolved over the last 10 years, especially with the recent push to provide eco friendly options and manufacturing processes. 

With all the advances to carpets, it is important to check what styles would suit your needs most.
– Do you have allergies in your family? Then you should prioritise a hypoallergenic carpet.

– Do you have young children or pets? Then maybe something a bit more hard wearing.
– Are you selling or renting your property? Then maybe you need something cost effective instead.


“Why is this better than another style?”

If you are tossing up between two or more carpets, please make sure you ask this question. It is so important to know the pros and cons of different carpets prior to purchase, as it may save you a lot of headache later on. Sometimes an extra few hundred $ now, can extend the life of your carpet by 5 or more years!

There is no point running your fingers through a sample to try and get a “feel” for it, when most people don’t use their hands to walk on their carpets.

Airstep StepLux

“What is the difference between the types of underlay? And would I benefit from a better underlay, or a better carpet?”

There are two types of carpet underlay available in Australia: Rubber and Foam.

Both are made from 100% recycled materials and are similar in cost, but the biggest difference we have found between is that over time Rubber underlay will disintegrate, while Foam underlay wont. This is why we only supply Foam underlay.

From there, the differences in Foam underlays come down to the thickness and density. The thicker and denser the underlay, the softer your carpet will feel! This is why we will recommend those that are on a tight budget spoil themselves with a better underlay, but maybe chose a cheaper carpet rather than the other way around. Likewise, if you are looking at a more expensive carpet the fastest way to spoil the feel of it is to chose a thin underlay to save on cost. 


“What is included in your quotes?”

I cannot emphasise enough how imperative it is to ask this question. Consumer laws have changed how transparent companies have to be (for the better) but there are still a lot of loopholes that some tradies know how to exploit. 

When discussing pricing, its important to keep in mind that carpet is measured in broadloom meters as it comes in either 3.66m or 4m widths depending on the carpet you chose, so asking for a per m2 price will only give you a rough guide- you may need more broadloom meters than square meters!

You should also confirm whether your quote includes things like:

– Take up and disposal of existing floor coverings, especially if you currently have loose-lay flooring down as carpet should not be installed on laminate, vinyl or hybrid flooring as per Australian Standards (it will void your warranty!);
– Moving furniture;
– Delivery costs if you are going to DIY or source your own installer;
– Hire fees for skips, generators or any other unforseen items (this usually only applies to new builds or homes undergoing severe renovations).

And most importantly: “Can I stand (barefoot) on the samples?”

Absolutely! In fact, we highly recommend it. There is no point running your fingers through a sample to try and get a “feel” for it, when most people don’t use their hands to walk on their carpets. This is especially helpful when you are trying to decide between two styles, or two different thicknesses of carpet and may be the difference between loving your new carpets or regretting your choice.


 If you are ready to start your carpet journey, why not call for a free consultation today?