The reality is that, if you are here it means that you have most likely been on other carpet sites (like Carpet Court, Carpet Call or Floorworld) and still haven’t found what you are looking for.

If you have gotten to this page, then hopefully by now you have gotten the feeling that we like to do things a little bit differently. So, instead of boring you with facts about various carpets and underlays (which you can find under carpet choices), we are going to answer questions based on how often they are asked.

What is it like to work with your husband/wife/partner?

Honestly? We love it. Both in life, and in business, we are the Yin to each others Yang and are able to fill in each others short comings. It has taken us some time, but we are able to communicate with each other really well, which gives our customers a stress-free, seamless experience!

Ok, but why carpet?

Martin is amazing at what he does (trust me, you should watch him work! …Just maybe not too closely as we wouldn’t want you to accidentally get hit with a roll of carpet!). I (Gabriella) have always loved helping people, whilst walking to the beat of my own drum, so running a business wasn’t that big of a stretch for me. To me, it just made sense to turn something that Martin is so good at into a way to help so many of those around us!

Is my carpet repairable?

The short answer is maybe? We actually have a blog about this, as this comes up every holiday season. For any potential repairs, its best to get in touch with us and send us through some photos to see what we can do.

I’m in a rental property and I have damaged the carpet. Can you repair/replace it?

This one is actually really hard, because while we can, there are laws in place regarding this.  Both tenants and landlords have specific rights, and we have to tread the grey area in between to try and ensure that no one gets hurt (with regard to legal proceedings) by anything that we do. We have an information pamphlet available that we provide all of our rental property owners with, that outlines what they need to know as landlords, as well as what their tenants should know. If in doubt, please give us a call. I am always more than happy to discuss things with your landlord and/or real estate agent on your behalf.

Do you have a show room?

I love this question! No, we don’t have a show room. I have the pleasure of bringing samples to your home, for you to look at in comfort, while I measure your rooms and draw up a plan. From there, I get to help you narrow down the colours and styles you like, based on your lifestyle, whether you have pets or kids, and any other needs you may have. It is BECAUSE we don’t have a show room, that I am able to give you my undivided attention, ensuring you pick the best carpets for your home, and your budget.

And don’t worry, I can come back as many times as you need me to, to guarantee that you have made the right choice.

How do you know that this carpet is/isn’t suitable for pets/young kids?

We trust each of our manufacturers, and know that their carpets have to undergo rigorous testing by the Carpet Institute of Australia and the Australian Carpet Classification Scheme- but, just in case, every single carpet that we sell has been tested thoroughly by our Staffy, Luna, our Siamese, Isis, and our 3 kids. We will NOT add a new range to our sample books without seeing how it holds up against those 5 first.

Which carpet brands do you sell?

We pride ourselves on being an Australian owned and operated business, and love to support other Australian businesses. As a result, we sell most Australian carpet brands. If there is a particular carpet you are interested in, please contact us to see if we can source it for you.

Aren’t you worried about your environmental footprint?

Yes, we are! That is why we started the Carpet For Life Initiative. It is also why we will do everything in our power to prolong the life of your carpet, including teaching you how to properly care for it, so you can get the maximum amount of usage out of it.

Why is my carpet slightly different to the sample you showed me?

Carpet, like any textile, absorbs dyes at different rates. This means that even though the manufacturers use the exact same dye combinations for every dye run, sometimes the carpet may not come out 100% the same as previous dye lots. This is incredibly important, especially for customers with large homes that are thinking of installing their carpets in stages. Wherever possible, we recommend customers purchase all of their carpet at once – unless the rooms are nowhere near each other – and have us store the remaining carpet until they are ready for the next stage of their installation.