Carpet Styles

Finding the right carpet style for your home depends on many factors, which is why Gabriella takes the time to get to know you and your needs. Each carpet style has their own pros and cons, going beyond just looks and feel.

twist carpet

Twist Pile

Cut pile twist carpets are constructed with a higher twisted yarn causing the pile to lay in different directions, giving a more textured appearance. Twist pile carpets are hard wearing and maintain their finish. These carpets are perfect for young families, or homes with pets.

plush carpet

Plush Pile

In plush pile carpets, the individual yarn fibres are densely weaved together creating a very soft, luxurious look. However, due to the yarn laying in the same direction, this style inherently leaves shading and track marks from vacuuming, and even some styles of shoes.

loop carpet

Loop Pile

There are several types of loop pile carpets: level loops, sisals, textured loops, multi-level loops.

Each creates a very distinct look in the home. Loop pile carpets are quite durable, but are much harder to repair if damage occurs. We do not recommend loop pile carpets in homes with pets or small children.