This morning I was driving to Yarra Junction to quote a couples home for new carpets, in order for it to be put on the rental market.
As I was driving, surrounded by greenery, the trees casting dancing shadows as the September sun shone through their swaying leaves, I was hit with this wonderful feeling that many of us haven’t felt since prior to March- some of us since even prior to October last year: PEACE.

“Let us help bring you some peace.”


Yarra Valley Forest Carpet
Victoria. Australia. The World. We have all been in this tumbling state of turmoil, not knowing what will hit us next, that we have all been running on pure adrenaline. Our fight or flight reflexes have been working overtime just to get us through the days, weeks, months that for many of us, the states of our homes have been long since forgotten as we tell ourselves “one more shift,” “one more week,” “one more task,” until this will all be over and we can finally BREATHE again. We pray for it to be over so we can spend Christmas with our loved ones. We mourn the milestones and life events we have missed. We live in FEAR of the unknown.
Trust me, you are not alone – We have been feeling it too!
But I wont lie- the peace I felt was overwhelming, and it hit me like a tonne of bricks. I had to pull over on the way home so I could soak it in, before coming back home to reality.
It’s a peace that we try to bring into your homes with every repair, with every restretch and with every installation.
Our homes are just as over worked and stressed as we are. They have been sheltering us and keeping us safe, to the best of their abilities, while we have been fighting to survive the last 6, 12 months. Let us bring them some peace.
Let us help bring you some peace.