“I’ve just found out my dog has been peeing on my carpet? What can I do about the smell?

It depends on how long this has been going on for. If this is a new issue, carpet cleaning will usually fix the problem. If it has been going on for quite some time, there are a number of steps that can be taken- the most effective of which is replacing the underlay and carpet in that area after applying a layer of bondcrete or similar product to trap the smell in the subfloor. 

It is also important to figure out why your pet is doing its business inside. While we are able to do everything we can to rectify the smell for human senses, animals are able to pick up scents that we can’t and as a result may continue to use that area even once we are done.


“My pet is no longer with us, and there is no smell, but the carpet is clearly damaged in the area they used to go. Can something be done about it?

In some instances, we may be able to patch in that spot. This depends on if you have spare carpet and how large the area is (you may want to have a look at our repair blog as well). There are also companies that specialise in redying sections of carpet to make it look like new again! If neither of these options are suitable for you, we would recommend replacing the carpets.


“Why does it cost extra to remove the soiled carpet?

This is a simple matter of OH&S for our installers. One-off PPE has to be provided, as well as high quality face masks and heavy duty bags to store the carpet and underlay in. Some waste centers, depending on the area, also charge extra for disposing of these materials.



This is actually an issue we commonly have with cats as pets love the feel of carpet. The more natural the fibre, the more likely they are to use the carpets to either help them scratch an itch- or in the case of cats, as a scratching post! We find this is most common in doorways too.

If you find your pet (or in this customers case, Toby) is doing this in one specific spot, it might be worth seeing if you can deter them from doing it or if there’s something you can give him to use as an alternative (like thier own personal rug). If it’s more of an “all over the house” issue, then unfortunately our only suggestion would be to cut or file their nails more often, or consider a style of carpet with a shorter twist pile when it comes time to change your carpets